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XDS Elements Documentation


Welcome to the Documentation of XDS Metadata structures. The Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS.b) IHE Integration Profile facilitates the registration, distribution and access across health enterprises of patient electronic health records. Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing is focused on providing a standards-based specification for managing the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise, ranging from a private physician office to a clinic to an acute care in-patient facility (TF).

Here you can find a documentation of the content of XDS structures. The documentation contain a summary of each Element, a presentation of list of attributes related to the element. For each attribute we describe its type, its cardinality and the comments related to this attribute. Also we describe constraints, rules, related to each element. Finally we view the original schema description of the element.

Principal messages of XDS have these roots :

XDS Metadata structures are composed from elements from ebRIM, ebRS, LCM, QUERY and XDS internal elements.
Here you can find the list of elements composing each of there composants :